— Published 9 April 2021

Wenger advocates for automated offside

The revolution is on. After video assistant referee (VAR), FIFA will soon be set to take technology even further, with the adoption of an automated offside system. According to Arsène Wenger (photo above), now in charge of football development at FIFA, the new process could be ready for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body responsible for the rules of the game, assured last month that it is currently going offside, with the ambition to test a technology that would allow automated decision-making. The process would have the advantage of reducing the often long wait time before the verdict of the VAR. Automated offside technology makes it possible to directly notify the assistant referee of an offside situation. “The automated offside will be, I believe, ready for 2022”, suggested Arsene Wenger, quoted by The Times. “Automated means that the signal goes directly to the linesman, who will have a light on his watch indicating whether he is offside or not. I am very much in favour of this development because the current wait for VAR analysis is too long. On average 70 seconds, sometimes up to 1 minute 20 seconds”.