— Published 24 August 2023

Voting day

D-Day for the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Meeting in Bangkok since the start of the week for the second edition of its Summit and then its Annual General Meeting, the body is due to award the world championships in 2026 on Thursday August 24. The event will mark the 100th anniversary of the world event. The two candidate cities, Bangkok and London, presented their projects and visions to delegates from the national federations on Wednesday August 23, the second day of the ITTF Summit. Bangkok, which has never before hosted the competition, presented itself as a future hub for table tennis, taking advantage of the 2026 World Championships to develop the discipline in schools and public spaces. London, for its part, is proposing to celebrate the centenary of the World Championships in the city where the first edition was held in 1926. The English capital has not hosted a world table tennis championship since 1954. In the event of victory, the competitions would be held at the Wembley Arena.