— Published 28 October 2021

Volunteers to stay warm

The train is speeding up in China. With 100 days to go before the opening of the Beijing Games (4 to 20 February), on Wednesday 27 October, the organisers not only unveiled the design of the Olympic and Paralympic medals. They also presented the official outfits for the Organising Committee staff, officials and volunteers. The dominant colours were bright red, grey to symbolise the Great Wall of China, sky blue and white to refer to snow and ice. According to the organising committee (BOCOG), the process of selecting these official uniforms was not a simple matter. No less than 600 designs were considered. The final choice required eight rounds of voting by the jury appointed to select the outfits. The result, according to the official version, embodies not only the assignment of the various accredited persons, but also traditional Chinese culture and technological progress. Well done. “We studied the codes of the IOC, we were inspired by the previous Winter Games,” explained Yan Cheng, BOCOG’s human resources director. “Then we tried to design models according to the missions to be carried out and the climatic conditions in the three competition areas of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. The uniforms are functional and artistic.” Unsurprisingly, they are also durable. The threads used for the stitching on the bags distributed to BOCOG volunteers and staff, for example, were made from recycled plastic.