— Published 1 July 2021

Volunteers can be tested every day


Things are speeding up in Japan. With 22 days to go until the opening ceremony, the organisers officially moved into “Games time” on Thursday, July 1st, the period during which sanitary measures become effective. They also unveiled the guidelines for the 300,000 staff and volunteers recruited for the Olympic and Paralympic event. As with accredited staff from abroad, they will all have to undergo at least one PCR test before taking up their duties with the organisation. The frequency of testing will then depend on their level of contact with the athletes. Volunteers and staff members who are expected to be within one metre of the athletes at any time for 15 minutes or more will be tested on a daily basis. If they test positive, they will be immediately suspended from duty and will be required to undergo a new PCR test at a medical facility. They are also required to record their health status 14 days before starting work at the Tokyo Games.