— Published 24 June 2022

Victory for Russia


Weightlifting has once again distinguished itself. Its international federation (IWF) has seen its decision to exclude Russian officials from its upcoming elections, scheduled for this weekend at the body’s congress in Tirana (25-26 June), rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The Lausanne-based court explained in a statement that the panel appointed by the IWF to examine the eligibility of potential candidates did not have the authority to take disciplinary decisions against the three Russian candidates. Maxim Agapitov, already a member of the IWF board, Dmitry Chernogorov and Aleksandr Kishkin can therefore stand for election. They had been excluded last month. Their names are added to an endless list of candidates for the different positions within the IWF. For the presidency, no less than 11 candidates have applied. The winner will succeed the British Michael Irani, who has been acting as interim president since last year, but is not among the candidates. The elections were originally scheduled for March 2021, but were first postponed to November and then to the last weekend of June. The outcome, and especially the identity of the future president, could be a decisive step for the Olympic future of weightlifting. The discipline is not yet on the programme of the Los Angeles Games in 2028, as the IOC Executive Board has provisionally ruled it out.