— Published 16 February 2022

Victoria ready to conclude

The end of the suspense is near for the award of the Commonwealth Games in 2026. Victoria is said to be close to closing the deal. The Australian state has announced that it has entered the final phase of dialogue with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). An agreement has already been formally signed between Victoria, Commonwealth Games Australia and the CGF. It should, barring any last-minute incidents, lead to the official awarding of the multi-sport event to the Australian state, probably as early as next spring. The next edition of the Commonwealth Games is scheduled to take place in 2022 in Birmingham, England. But the next one, four years later, is still without a host city. Canada has long been in the running, but is now looking to the 2030 edition instead. Australia has gone the other way. Melbourne, initially interested in hosting the Games in 2030, brought its plans forward by four years. New South Wales, Adelaide, and more recently Tasmania, have also expressed an interest in the 2026 edition. This internal Australian competition seems to have had the effect of pushing Victoria to step up the pace. According to the state authorities, the 2026 Commonwealth Games would be held in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat if a final agreement is reached, with competitions in the rest of the state, in Shepparton and Bendigo.