— Published 14 June 2022

Vancouver advances a new pawn

vancouver 2010

This is a pivotal week for Vancouver (Canada)’s bid for the 2030 Winter Games. A ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday 14 June in Whistler, one of the resorts involved in the British Columbia Olympic project, to officially hand over the feasibility study to the leaders of the First Nations, Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. It will also bring together representatives from the City of Vancouver, and the Canadian Olympic (COC) and Paralympic (CPC) Committees. Now that the feasibility study has been completed, the bid’s supporters will be able to move forward with a more complete analysis of the concept. This should lead to a final decision on whether to enter the race for the 2030 Winter Games. The COC is already engaged in the dialogue phase with the IOC, but according to the GamesBids website, there are no formal plans yet to send a Vancouver 2030 delegation to visit the IOC in Lausanne. Last April, Vancouver City Council rejected in principle a motion to hold a referendum on the Olympic and Paralympic bid.