— Published 12 March 2021

USOPC opposed to boycott

Pressure is mounting in the United States for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, especially from some elected to the Senate and the House of Representatives. But the American Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) is mobilising in turn against such a scenario. Its president, Suzanne Lyons, this week reiterated her opposition to a boycott of the Games by the United States. “Without wanting to minimise what is happening from a human rights perspective in China, we do not support a boycott of athletes”, she said. “We believe this is an issue that should be addressed government to government with China”. USOPC President insists that boycotts of sporting events have never been of much use. “They only hurt the athletes who have trained their entire lives for the opportunity to represent their country“, she suggests. As a reminder, several US elected officials tabled a draft resolution in the Senate in early February asking the IOC to withdraw the organisation of the 2022 Games from China, due to “its flagrant violations of human rights“.