— Published 14 December 2021

Updated playbooks

With 53 days to go until the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games (4 to 20 February), the Chinese organisers, the IOC and the IPC published the second version of the playbooks for future accredited athletes, coaches, officials and media on Monday 13 December. They detail all the health measures planned by the Chinese for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, before the trip, on arrival in Beijing and during the events. Not surprisingly, the sanitary plan prepared for Beijing 2022 is much stricter than the one put in place by the Japanese for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The second version of the playbooks confirms the obligation to be vaccinated, on pain of undergoing a 21-day quarantine. It specifies that accredited persons will have to present two negative PCR tests carried out before travelling to China. It mentions the obligation to download a health application, “My 2022”, where you can fill in your health status from 14 days before travelling to Beijing. It informs that the Chinese authorities require the presentation of two health QR codes upon arrival to be allowed into the country. Finally, the playbooks explain that future participants will not be allowed to leave the health bubble under any circumstances. The media, in particular, will be restricted to the competition sites, official hotels and press centres. They will never be allowed to leave the bubble from the moment they arrive in Beijing until they leave China. At the Tokyo Games last summer, the health bubble was imposed on them for the first 14 days of their stay in the capital. After that, they were free to move around.