— Published 2 May 2023

Umar Kremlev promises a million

Always more. Umar Kremlev, the president of the International Boxing Federation (IBA), took advantage of the opening press conference of the Men’s World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (April 30 to May 14), to unveil his plans for the global event. The Russian leader announced that the World Championships would be held every year. And that the amount of bonuses given to boxers would be increased again, to reach in 2027 a million dollars for a gold medal. Umar Kremlev also spoke to the media about the recent creation of a rival body, World Boxing, at the initiative of the United States and Great Britain. “There have always been attempts to attack the integrity of the IBA, both from within and without, he explained, quoted in an IBA statement. In fact, this is a sign that we have succeeded and that we have chosen the right direction. I recommend to everyone to focus on our goals and keep moving forward for the sake of our athletes and coaches, for our national federations. We must be united and stick to our mission.” The Russian leader did not hold back his words in criticizing the creation of World Boxing. “They want to make money from boxing, but not to develop it, he suggested in a press conference. There is always a black sheep in our family, there are always people who go their own way.” But in a sign of a less offensive strategy towards the Olympic movement, the IBA president assured that his body was currently “following up on all the IOC’s requests.” He said that some of the IOC’s requests had been answered, particularly on the issue of financing, as the contract between the IBA and the Russian company Gazprom had come to an end and had not yet been renewed.