— Published 7 April 2023

UIS will decide in June or October

No urgency. The International Skating Union (ISU) does not seem to be ready to decide quickly on the question of a possible return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competitions. It can afford it, as the season of individual ice sports is coming to an end. In a statement relayed by the agency TASS, the ISU explains that the decision will be made in June … or October 2023. “The ISU is closely following the situation in Ukraine and its impact on the activity of the ISU as well as the discussions within the Olympic movement, says the statement. The ISU has taken note of the IOC statement (…) and its recommendations for international federations on the participation of athletes with Russian or Belarusian passports in international competitions (…). The ISU Council will discuss the issue at its next meeting, either in June or October“. The same cautious wait-and-see attitude was shown by the International Skating and Skateboard Federation (World Skate), which is directly concerned by the Paris Games, where skateboarding will be an additional sport for the second time. The authority announces, without surprise, to support the recommendations of the IOC. But it wants to give itself time. “Understanding the need to find a consistent approach across all its disciplines, World Skate is now working to develop the independent review processes necessary to allow and plan for the return of these athletes, in consultation with the IOC and ASOIF, it says in a statement. This review process and potential timelines for return will be discussed in more detail at upcoming World Skate Executive Committee meetings and announced as soon as possible.”