— Published 8 July 2021

Ugandans can train

Ouganda Tokyo

It was about time. Eighteen days after arriving in Japan, the Ugandan athletes were able to begin training on Wednesday, July 7th, at their base camp in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture. The first member of the swimmers, boxers, and weightlifters’ delegation – a coach – had tested positive for COVID-19 at Narita airport on Saturday, June 19th. A second member of the delegation – an athlete – tested positive three days later after being tested at the delegation’s hotel. The two Ugandans did not show any symptoms, but were placed in isolation. All other team members were also isolated in their hotel after being declared contact cases. According to NHK, they have completed their quarantine. The whole group was finally able to train on Wednesday morning in a dedicated gym. A first light session, carried out wearing masks and respecting social distancing instructions. The Ugandan delegation will stay in the prefecture of Osaka until July 18th, when it will leave for the Olympic village of Tokyo.