— Published 8 March 2023

UEFA to pay back

It is about time. Almost ten months after the Champions League final fiasco at the Stade de France, UEFA announced on Tuesday (7 March) its intention to reimburse Liverpool FC fans. “We have taken into account a large number of views expressed publicly and privately, and we believe we have devised a comprehensive and fair system,” explained Theodore Theodoridis, the general secretary of the European body, quoted in a statement. In practice, the refund will apply to all fans with tickets for gates A, B, C, X, Y and Z, where “the most difficult circumstances have been reported”. As a bonus, all fans who, according to access control data, did not enter the stadium before 9pm, the scheduled kick-off time of the final, or who were unable to enter the stadium at all, “will be eligible for a refund.” As a reminder, the French authorities and European bodies had initially accused the British club’s supporters of being partly responsible for the incidents. However, an independent report published last month concluded that the story of the evening and its chaos was entirely different and that there was no evidence to support these accusations.