— Published 18 November 2020

Two Women’s World Cup set back until 2022

FIFA continues to strike off international competitions one by one from its calendar for the coming months. They announced the cancellation of the Women’s Under-17 (U17) and Under-20 (U20) World Cup. Both tournaments were originally scheduled to be held this year. They had been postponed to early next year. They are finally canceled. But as a consolation for the two host countries, FIFA has decided to keep the organisation of the competition in 2022. The Women’s Under-17 World Cup will therefore remain in Costa Rica. India, for its part, will host the Under-20 World Cup in 2022. In addition, FIFA has announced that the Club World Cup, scheduled for December 2020 in Doha, Qatar, has been postponed to the month of February 2021 (February 1-11). It is maintained in the capital of Qatar. It remains to be seen whether the competition will be able to accommodate the public, a question the answer to which will depend on the evolution of sanitary conditions in the Gulf state.