— Published 4 August 2022

Two conditions for transgender athletes


After swimming and cycling, triathlon has decided on the delicate issue of transgender athletes. The international federation of the discipline (World Triathlon) announced on Wednesday, August 3 that its executive council had approved a new policy concerning transgender women. They will be allowed to participate in women’s competitions, but under certain conditions. “To participate in triathlons at the elite or amateur level in the women’s category, a transgender athlete must prove that the concentration of testosterone in her blood has been below 2.5 nmol/l for at least 24 months,” the body explained in a statement. “In addition, at least 48 months must have passed since a transgender athlete last participated as a male in any athletic competition.” The rule is now established. It was decided by World Triathlon after a long consultation, conducted for almost a year and involving medical, sports and legal committees, several experts, but also athletes representing the transgender community (Joanna Harper, Chris Mosier, Rachel McBride, Verity Smith, Patty Actually, Annie Lieberman and Veronica Ivy). Marisol Casado, the president of the body, who is also a member of the IOC, explains: the objective of this new policy is to reconcile the principle of equality and a desire for inclusion. “This policy “is completely in line with the recommendations of the IOC, and similar to what other international federations have done in recent months,” insists World Triathlon.