— Published 9 June 2021

Training camps in disarray

Tokyo 2020

The list of cities in Japan forced to give up serving as base camps for foreign teams before the Tokyo Games is growing. The city of Osaki, located in the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima, announced on Tuesday that it would no longer host the final training camps of the Taiwanese and Trinidad and Tobago athletics teams. Their athletes were due to stay in Osaki from July 11th to 25th, before heading to Tokyo and the Olympic village. According to the mayor, Higashi Yasuhiro, the decision to withdraw came first from the Taiwanese delegation. Then the Osaki municipal authorities decided to scrap the operation for good, and they informed the Trinidad and Tobago leadership. At the same time, the city of Echizen, in the central Japanese prefecture of Fukui, announced that it would no longer host a training camp for the Canadian men’s hockey team.