— Published 4 December 2020

Time for accounts and sharing

Important day in Japan, this Friday, December 4, ahead of the Tokyo Games. A closed-door meeting is scheduled to bring together representatives of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committees, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan by mid-afternoon at local time. Only one theme is on the agenda: the distribution between the three parts of the expenses linked to the postponement of the Tokyo Games by one year, decided last March by the IOC. In short, who will pay for what. The discussion promises to be tense given the sums involved. According to several sources, the additional cost related to the postponement of the event would reach 1.9 billion dollars. An amount to which must be added the expenses for preventing the spread of COVID-19 during the Games, the amount of which is currently estimated at around 950 million dollars. According to some sources, cited by the NHK, the organising committee of the Games would inherit the largest share of expenses related to the postponement in 2021 (1.06 billion dollars), the metropolitan government (770 million) and the central government (144 million) sharing the rest. Still according to the same sources, the cost of health measures would be more or less equally borne by the city of Tokyo and the Japanese government.