— Published 12 May 2023

Three thousand rooms requisitioned from student residences

The information is reliable, since it comes from the French Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games: more than 3,000 student residences will be requisitioned in the Ile-de-France region for the Paris 2024 Games. They should make it possible to accommodate the event’s staff. “The census carried out has already made it possible to identify nearly 18,000 places available during the Games, including around 3,200 in the Crous (regional centres for university and school works),” the ministry explained to AFP, specifying that the student rooms would be used to house security forces, carers, first aiders, bus drivers and private security agents. According to the ministry, all students whose rooms have been requisitioned will be guaranteed accommodation when the new academic year starts in September. As for those planning to stay in the Paris region during the Games, they will be offered accommodation in another residence. When these measures were announced, a student union demanded that requisitions be made “only on accommodation where students have left voluntarily and without any requisition that would force eviction or removal.” According to David Martinez, the head of communications at CNOUS (Centre national des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires), less than 7% of residences in the Ile-de-France region would be affected.