— Published 20 April 2021

Three suspended employees

SOLIDEO was quick to react to revelations from the Mediapart site about discriminatory comments made by three members of its staff, from the institutional relations, communication and security department. The public establishment explains that some of these comments had already been brought to the attention of its general management in the past. A series of disciplinary sanctions were then taken, including non-tenure or calls to order. But it also acknowledges having discovered new allegations through the questions asked by Mediapart. The Olympic Works Delivery Company claims to have opened an internal investigation, entrusted to the ethics officer of the house. They also explain that an audit was commissioned to verify the veracity of the facts. Pending the findings of the investigation, three employees have already been suspended. According to a SOLIDEO staff member, it was mostly “jokes about gay people, black people, Arabs and women“. They targeted the population of Seine-Saint-Denis, where nearly 80% of the long-term equipment for the Paris 2024 Games must be built. Mediapart notably reports these comments: “What are we going to do to help black people in Seine-Saint-Denis?” The OCOG Paris 2024 has yet to react to the case. But Stéphane Troussel, the president of the departmental council of Seine-Saint-Denis, and Mathieu Hanotin, the mayor of Saint-Denis, have not remained so passive. In a joint declaration published Monday, April 19th, they explain condemning “with the greatest firmness” “remarks that are inadmissible and contrary to all the values ​​that we carry“. The two elected officials also entrust full confidence in Nicolas Ferrand, the general manager of SOLIDEO, “to sanction this behavior with the greatest severity“.