— Published 13 May 2022

Three hotels do not want homosexuals

Bad publicity for Qatar a few months before the 2022 football World Cup. According to a survey conducted by three Scandinavian television channels, NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden and DR in Denmark, three hotels in the Gulf state will refuse to welcome homosexual couples who will be visiting the country at the end of the year for the World Cup. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, but FIFA and the organising committee have given repeated assurances that all supporters will be welcome. The three Scandinavian media outlets interviewed the 69 hotels on the official list of accommodation recommended by the international body. Three of them explained that they would not accept same-sex couples. Another 20 hotels said they would welcome them as long as they were not openly gay. Thirty-three hotels said they had no problem booking rooms for same-sex couples. Asked by Reuters after the Scandinavian survey was published, a spokesman for the organising committee said the 100 hotels that will host fans, players, officials and other stakeholders will be monitored and assessed. “We would welcome further information on these allegations to ensure that any partner associated with the FIFA World Cup does not fall below the expected standards,” he continued.