— Published 26 October 2023

Thomas Jolly puts out his own rumour

Not very serious. Thomas Jolly (pictured above), the French director in charge of the ceremonies for the Paris 2024 Games, put an end on Wednesday 25 October to a rumour… that he himself had started the day before. As a guest on a France Inter news programme, he had hinted that Daft Punk might perform at the opening of the Olympic Games on Friday 26 July on the Seine. “It would be great if they could take part in the ceremony, he suggested. It’s impossible not to think about it for an international exhibition ceremony“. Not untrue, even if the French duo have pulled the plug on their turntables in February 2021. Thomas Jolly’s little phrase alone set off a buzz, with rumours swirling that the band would almost certainly return for the opening ceremony show. Totally caught off guard, Thomas Jolly posted a message on his X account (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday 25 October to make amends. “My comments were confusing and generated a lot of expectations, he wrote. I must clarify. After discussing the possibility of attending the ceremony, the group has decided not to take part. I respect this decision and apologise for the ambiguity of my comments.”