— Published 28 June 2021

Thomas Bach in Hiroshima to talk about peace

Thomas Bach

With 25 days to go until the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games, Thomas Bach’s programme has been partially revealed before the start of the Olympic event. According to several sources quoted by Kyodo News, the IOC President is expected to visit Hiroshima on July 16th, the day the United Nations adopted the Olympic Truce. The idea of celebrating the first day of the truce in the city bombed during World War II was reportedly suggested by Thomas Bach himself. A plan for IOC Vice-President John Coates to visit Nagasaki on the same day is also being considered. In both Japanese cities, Thomas Bach and John Coates are expected to call for the promotion of peace, one of the pillars of the Olympic movement. Thomas Bach is expected to arrive in Japan on July 9th, three days before his original travel date, but will spend the first three days of his stay in Japan isolated in his hotel. The German leader was already due to visit Hiroshima prefecture in May for the torch relay, but his trip was cancelled because of the extension of the state of emergency.