— Published 22 April 2021

Thomas Bach hammers his confidence

Thomas Bach is confident. With less than three months before the opening of the Tokyo Games, the IOC President took advantage of an online press conference on Wednesday, April 21st, to reiterate his confidence in the event being held. Speaking at the end of a videoconference meeting of the Executive Board, he assured that priority would be given to security during the Games, with the willingness to take “no risk“. “In the Athletes’ Village, it will be about creating different bubbles, providing direct transport to and from the venues, and reducing interactions between different groups“, Bach said. “We have seen that it works – there have been around 340 World Championships and World Cups held since the start of the pandemic, with the cumulative participation of well over 40 000 athletes. None of these events spread viruses. In addition, they did not benefit from the vaccine. And we can be confident that the number of people vaccinated will be high at the Tokyo Games. If you take all of this into account – the very strict measures, the reduction in the number of days athletes will spend in the village, and a high vaccination rate – I think the Olympic Village will be a safe place for everyone”.