— Published 31 May 2021

The World Indoor Championships, hybrid style

The trend is growing. Like several other bodies in the Olympic movement, the International Rowing Federation (World Rowing) is going hybrid for its indoor world championships. It has announced that the next edition, scheduled to take place in Hamburg (Germany) on February, 25th and 26th, 2022, will be held both virtually and physically. Competitors will have to choose to compete in person at the Edel-Optics.de Arena, or virtually from anywhere in the world. Places for virtual competitors will be limited, says World Rowing, with applicants having to qualify via a selection process, which will be announced in July 2021. The decision to hold the Worlds indoor with a hybrid format was made not only in anticipation of possible travel restrictions in early 2022, but also to continue to explore the possibilities of both in-person and virtual competition for indoor rowing. World Rowing President Jean-Christophe Rolland explains: “The success of going virtual for the 2021 World Indoor Championships has given the necessary impetus to integrate the virtual world into the 2022 event in Hamburg. A hybrid model gives the event an increased international dimension. It offers everyone the opportunity to participate, whether at the Hamburg venue or remotely from anywhere in the world.” As World Rowing points out, the 2022 World Championships could be held entirely in virtual mode if sanitary conditions do not allow the event to take place in Hamburg.