— Published 20 November 2020

The World Cup knows its site directors

It is done. The organising committee for the 2023 Rugby Men’s World Cup in France has put a new pawn in its roster by choosing the directors of the eleven venues that will host the matches. Among them, four former professional rugby players: Xavier Chauveau, a former Racing driver appointed to Paris; Paul Couet-Lannes, passed through Biarritz and chosen for the Bordeaux site; Cédric Coll, a former player from Perpignan, director of the Toulouse site; and finally Arnaud Vercruysse, professional in Béziers, Pau and Dax, appointed for the Grand Sud site. Among the other seven directors, note the presence of four women, including Isabelle Colette, notably through the French Athletics Federation and the National Volleyball League. The eleven site directors for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France are: Paul Couet-Lannes (Bordeaux), Jérémy Benages (Lille), Jean Courtin (Lyon), Caroline Califano (PACA region), Claire Jouet (Nantes), Sandrine Simonnet (Nice), Xavier Chauveau (Paris), Isabelle Colette (Saint-Denis), Cédric Coll (Toulouse), Arnaud Vercruysse (Grand Sud), Pierre Millet (Saint-Étienne).