— Published 8 April 2021

The works are at a standstill

Serious halt in the preparation of the Paris 2024 Games. SOLIDEO confirmed by a press release, published late Wednesday, April 7th, to have suspended work on the ZAC (Joint development zone) of the Media Cluster, which is to host the Olympic events climbing and shooting as well as the media village. An expected decision, after the Paris administrative court of appeal ordered the work to be stopped the day before, having partially suspended the execution of the environmental authorisation order issued in November 2020 by the prefect of Seine-Saint -Denis. “We take note of the order of the summary judge and immediately stop our work on these two areas, but stress that this is a provisional and partial decision“, explains SOLIDEO. “Provisional, because this is not a decision on the merits, but a decision taken in summary proceedings, pending judgments on the merits. This decision may therefore change with regard to the transmission of new parts. Partial, because it considers in a differentiated way the multiple aspects of the project and the different sectors. The State and all the stakeholders will respond both legally and substantively by providing the details requested by the summary judge“. Comment from Nicolas Ferrand, the general manager of SOLIDEO: “We are going to defend our project in court because it makes sense. It has meaning for the inhabitants and for the territory. It makes sense because it will make it possible to connect the station to the city of Dugny, it recreates the link between the Georges Valbon park and the Aire de Vents, it ensures the clean-up and the renaturation of all the sites, it takes into account the natural species present and provides them with a new, comfortable, preserved and extended habitat. It makes sense for everyone, including the journalists and media technicians who will come in 2024. We wear it collectively and we will do what is necessary to defend it because it is in the best interests of all”. At this stage, the future media village does not seem threatened, the decision of the administrative court being “provisional and partial“. But the stoppage of work, combined with the constraints linked to the health crisis, sounds like very bad news for SOLIDEO.