— Published 27 May 2021

The White House trusts the Japanese


A Paradox. Even as the calls for the cancellation of the Tokyo Games get more and more pressing in Japan, the authorities of the peninsula receive strong support messages from abroad. The United States leads the list. According to the White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, the U.S. government has full confidence in Japan to take all necessary measures to hold the Games safely. “The Japanese government has stressed that public health remains its priority. This is the commitment they have made to us and to the other countries whose athletes will be participating in the Olympic Games in a few weeks,” said Karine Jean-Pierre Wednesday, May 26th, at a press conference. “We trust the commitments of the Japanese government.” The position of the White House comes just days after the U.S. State Department has recommended to its citizens not to travel to Japan because of sanitary risks. But according to Karine Jean-Pierre, this is not a ban, at most a recommendation. And it does not concern the athletes. “Tokyo has assured us of its determination to remain in close contact with Washington as the situation develops,” said the White House spokeswoman.