— Published 15 February 2022

The waltz of figures

The exercise is becoming a ritual. Every day since the start of the Beijing 2022 Games, the IOC and the organising committee have held a press conference at the end of the morning at the main media centre in the Chinese capital. Each time, their spokespersons give the figures for the cases of COVID-19 and the event’s audience. The former are in free fall, the latter are soaring. On Tuesday 15 February, the Chinese organisers extended the habit by unveiling the slimmest health report card since the start of the Games: not a single positive case at Beijing airport for the day of 14 February, but for only 23 Games-related arrivals, and only one positive test recorded within the bubble. Very strong. Meanwhile, the IOC has posted the latest audience figures for the Olympic event. According to Mark Adams, its spokesperson, Beijing 2022 has already achieved more than 2.5 billion (2.58) engagements on social networks, including 800 million in China. Even stronger.