— Published 11 April 2022

The United States offers itself as a plan B


Will the centre of gravity of world weightlifting move to the United States? The American Weightlifting Federation (USA Weightlifting) has officially submitted a bid to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) to host the World Championships in 2022. The event was initially awarded to China, but the organisers had to withdraw last month because of the health measures imposed in the country. The Americans took a stand as soon as the Chinese withdrawal was announced. They propose to organise the Worlds at the end of the year in Atlanta, in parallel with the North American Weightlifting Open, scheduled for 1-4 December at the Georgia International Convention Center. The United States has hosted the world championships twice in recent years: in Houston in 2015, then in Anaheim in 2017. The Americans are already candidates to host the next IWF Elective Congress, scheduled for 25-26 June 2022.