— Published 2 July 2021

The Ugandans have a full team

Ouganda Tokyo

Surprising. According to NHK, the coach of the Ugandan delegation who tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday, June 19th, upon arrival at Tokyo’s Narita airport has already been reunited with the rest of the team in the city of Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture. He has completed his isolation period and has been cleared for the trip to the Ugandan base camp in Japan. His quarantine was therefore reduced to just 10 days, four less than the rules from the sanitary protocols. The Ugandan coach was able to join the rest of the delegation at the hotel in Izumisano, but is staying on a different floor to avoid contact with other members of the group. The other seven Ugandans, also placed in isolation after being declared contact cases, will not be allowed to leave their hotel until Tuesday, July 6th. But local authorities have already warned that they will have to consult medical experts before allowing the athletes to start training.