— Published 13 January 2021

The trend is confirmed

The polls follow each other in Tokyo, but their results are similar. An opinion poll carried out for the NHK, with a sample of 1 278 people, reveals that 78% of those polled believe that the next Summer Games should be canceled (38%), or even postponed (39%). With less than 200 days of the event, the Japanese public opinion is now very clearly against the holding of the Tokyo Games. Last week, a poll published by the Kyodo News agency revealed a very comparable result, with just over 80% of responses in favour of a cancellation or a second postponement. When asked whether the Tokyo Games should be kept on their new dates (July 23 to August 8, 2021), only 16% of those polled by NHK answered yes. A result down 11 points compared to the previous month.