— Published 16 March 2021

The ticket office starts off on the wrong foot

Chaotic start for the sale of the 2023 Rugby World Cup tickets in France. The server of the organising committee did not resist for long to the surge of requests from Internet users on Monday, March 15th, for the launch of the pre-sale of the first ticket packs. It saturated, causing disappointment and frustration among fans. “Many of you are having trouble with the queue. Our teams are on the bridge to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and enable you to purchase your tickets“, the organising committee tweeted, appealing to internet users to be patient. Claude Atcher, the director general of France 2023, explained at the end of the day that “150 000 supporters had logged onto the site at noon“. Three days earlier, he had nevertheless said that the servers set up could accept significantly more, thanks to four queues of 50 000 people. More than 500 000 people had registered for this pre-sale, called “Family 2023”, dedicated to Teams and Cities packs. According to the organisers, the quota of places has already been reached on several products just hours after the start of the sale. The ticketing will continue this week (March 18th), still as part of the so-called “Family 2023” phase. The sale of tickets to the general public will open on April 6th.