— Published 13 December 2022

The teams have chosen their base camp

FIFA has announced in a press release that the 29 teams already qualified for the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand have chosen their base camps. Fourteen of them are located in Australia, in five host cities and two regional centers. On the New Zealand side, the 15 base camps selected by the teams are located in four host cities and three regional centers. The final three qualifying teams, who will have to go through a play-off tournament in February 2023, will choose their base camp after qualifying. No fewer than seven teams have chosen to locate outside the host cities. The base camp system proposed by FIFA for the 2023 World Cup is the first in history for a women’s World Cup. As a bonus, the organization will provide the teams with specific hotels and training sites near the ten competition stadiums. The teams will be able to stay and train there the day before their matches. As a reminder, the 2023 World Cup is the first to be held in the southern hemisphere, but also the first to be co-organized by two countries and to bring together 32 teams (there were 24 teams at the last edition in 2019).