— Published 24 February 2021

The stands go up

Should we see a sign? According to the NHK, grandstands are under construction or development at 43 competition venues for the Tokyo Games. With less than 150 days of opening, the question of the presence of the public remains unresolved. All options remain to be considered, including behind closed doors. But the organisers took the decision to favour the optimistic scenario, even if it means reducing the number of seats for spectators. An 8 000-seat grandstand is currently being reassembled at the climbing site, one of the five additional sports on the Tokyo Games program. It was nearing completion last March, when the decision to postpone the Games was made, but organisers chose to dismantle it to avoid maintenance costs. Construction work is also underway at the triathlon and canoe-kayak slalom sites. According to the latest figures released by the Japanese, the expenses related to the redevelopment of the facilities, after the decision to postpone, amounts to nearly 700 million dollars.