— Published 24 May 2022

The Spanish file in the wall


The end of the soap opera? Probably. The Spanish Olympic Committee (EOC) announced on Monday 23 May in a press release that the representatives of the regions of Catalonia and Aragon, involved in the Pyrenees-Barcelona bid for the 2030 Winter Games, had met once again without being able to come to an agreement. The meeting between the two regions was presented by Alejandro Blanco, the president of the WCC, as the meeting of the last chance. It ended without the protagonists managing to iron out their disagreements over the repair of the competition sites. In a press release published on Monday 23 May, the EOC stated that it wished to continue the work in order to propose an alternative to the initial project to the IOC. But the Spanish case now seems very much in doubt. The Olympic body announced at the end of last week, at the close of its 139th session, that the Executive Board would choose a preferred candidate in December to continue the “targeted dialogue”, an intermediate stage before the final decision scheduled for the spring 2023 session in Mumbai (India). At this stage of the process, it would take a miracle for the Pyrenees and Barcelona project to be selected to continue the adventure.