— Published 11 March 2022

The shot to stay in Seine-Saint-Denis

Status quo at the Paris 2024 OCOG on the thorny issue of the shooting range. After the threat of a relocation of the site, initially planned for La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis), due to possible delays caused by legal appeals related to the land, the subject now seems to be treated without urgency. The OCOG explained on Thursday 10 March, during an informal press briefing, that a working meeting had been held the day before at the initiative of the DIJOP (inter-ministerial delegate for the Olympic and Paralympic Games), Michel Cadot, with all the stakeholders in the shooting events. “This meeting provided an opportunity to take stock of the dossier and the work schedule. The participants agreed to meet regularly on the subject.” So, nothing very new. But the option of relocating shooting competitions to Châteauroux, the national centre for the discipline, no longer seems to be an option.