— Published 17 October 2023

The session validated the program

It’s a done deal. Without the slightest surprise, the 141st IOC Session has adopted the five additional sports for the Los Angeles 2028 Games. Already approved by the Executive Board, the list proposed by the Californians – baseball/softball, cricket, lacrosse, flag soccer and squash – was validated by a show of hands. Only two members of the body voted against (plus two abstentions). Weightlifting and modern pentathlon, whose Olympic future had been on hold since last year, were also almost unanimously approved for inclusion in the program. Both sports were confirmed for the Los Angeles 2028 Games by a show of hands, with the cumulative number of opponents and absentees in both cases counted on the fingers of one hand. The boxing case, also put on hold since last year, was not put to the vote of the session. The Executive Committee had decided last week that the decision on whether boxing should be retained or excluded from the Los Angeles 2028 Games would be taken at a later date.