— Published 20 May 2021

The sanitary bubble remained watertight


That’s reassuring. Less than ten weeks before the opening of the Tokyo Games, the International Triathlon Federation (World Triathlon) took advantage of the Japanese stage of the World Triathlon Series (WTS), held last week in Yokohama, to test the prevention measures against COVID-19 under real conditions. The result? A complete success. No positive case was recorded out of the 1,200 anti-coronavirus tests carried out before and during the competition. The health bubble set up by the organizers remained watertight. No less than 285 elite triathletes and coaches from 36 countries were present in Yokohama, a city close to Tokyo. The competitors and their coaches were not allowed to leave the bubble that encompassed official hotels and competition sites, not even for food. According to World Triathlon, 4,275 meals were delivered to room doors throughout the week.