— Published 22 February 2022

The safest place in the world

Even on the last day of the Beijing Games, the Chinese organisers did not refrain from displaying the figures of the anti-COVID-19 tests and positive cases recorded since the implementation of the health bubble. This is normal, since they are spectacular, even more so than the result obtained by the Japanese at the Tokyo 2020 Games. In total, the organisers had carried out almost 1.8 million PCR tests in the bubble (1,794,409) by early February 20. At the airport, 13,654 tests were carried out. The result: 172 positive cases in the bubble and 265 at the airport. Total: only 437 positive cases recorded since 24 January, i.e. a positivity rate of 0.02%. In detail, 98 athletes tested positive at the Beijing Games, while 87 team officials and 252 other stakeholders tested positive.