— Published 15 September 2023

The Russians can get back on their boards

Another one. The International Skateboard Federation (World Skate) has joined the ranks of those who have chosen to follow the recommendations of the IOC Executive Board on the Russian and Belarusian issues. Its Executive Board has decided to authorise the return of athletes from both countries to international competitions, with effect from 1 January 2024. Their reinstatement will be accompanied by strict conditions of neutrality, but will concern all events on the international calendar, including the qualifying events for the Paris 2024 Games. World Skate suspended the Russian and Belarusian athletes in April 2022, more than a month after the start of the conflict in Ukraine. But on April 6, the body announced its decision to study their possible return to the international scene. Skateboarding will be an additional sport at the Paris 2024 Games, three years after its debut under the same status at the Tokyo 2020 Games.