— Published 9 October 2023

The ROC wants its money

The tug-of-war between Russia and the IOC continues, with less than 300 days to go until the Paris 2024 Games. It is now taking a judicial turn. According to Vladimir Sengleyev, Director General of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Russia has filed a complaint against the IOC with a Swiss court. The ROC is claiming more than $8 million in subsidies paid to the National Olympic Committees. “The IOC owes us money, explained Vladimir Sengleyev at the Pan-Russian Forum of National Olympic Councils in Ufa. They haven’t paid us our share of the world marketing programme. It amounts to 3.71 million dollars. We did not receive it on 31 December 2022. For this year, a payment of $5 million was due. Their debt to us now exceeds $8 million. We have taken legal action in a Swiss court to enforce this contract.