— Published 28 September 2023

The ROC has lost a quarter of its staff

Logical. Isolated from the sporting movement since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has reduced its workforce. Its president, former fencer Stanislav Pozdnyakov, told the TASS agency: a quarter of the ROC’s staff has been cut in recent months, as a direct consequence of the sanctions imposed by the IOC. “The reason is simple: the amount of work directly related to international Olympic events has dropped considerably, explained Stanislav Pozdnyakov. We were able to help some of our former employees find jobs with several Russian sports federations. They now work in the same building, but for a different organization. But as soon as the Olympic Games are open to us again, we’ll ask them to come back. Our main task now is to make sure that all our experts don’t leave the sports industry.”