— Published 6 July 2021

The race is on


FISU is not wasting any time. The international university sports body has announced that the call for bids for the summer and winter editions of the World University Games in 2027 and 2029 will be launched soon. The bidding process will begin on September 1st and will last until January 31st, 2022, when a first selection of potential host cities will be made. According to FISU, there are three main themes that are at the top of the list to evaluate the candidates to host the World University Games: legacy, vision and sustainability. The host city must especially take advantage of the event to develop the promotion of sport in universities, improve infrastructure and sports facilities on campus. The World University Games should also be a catalyst to create a positive impact on the community, economy and well-being of the region. Finally, FISU explains that it wants to insist on the need to reuse existing venues as much as possible in order to avoid building facilities that will have little or no use once the Games are over.