— Published 13 March 2023

The protesters withdrew their complaint

The case is closed. The German news agency SID reports that the four national federations – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia – that challenged the election of International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) president Johan Eliasch (pictured above) have withdrawn their complaint to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). “The withdrawal of the complaint is not because our understanding of the law has changed, but because we have to recognize that the current procedure interferes with and partially blocks the voting process at the FIS,” explained Stefan Schwarzbach, member of the executive committee of the German Ski Federation (DSV). The four plaintiffs challenged the procedure of the volte that allowed Johan Eliasch, former CEO of the sports equipment manufacturer Head, to reapply last May in Milan for a second term at the head of the FIS. The Swedish leader was the only candidate, but delegates had no choice but to vote yes or abstain. The no option was not included in the procedure. With the withdrawal of the complaint, the re-election of Johan Eliasch for four years is no longer in dispute. But the tug of war could well continue between the FIS and the four countries on the issue of television rights and marketing of international competitions. The FIS president wants to take control of the matter. The four national federations are opposed, determined to keep the marketing of competitions held on their soil.