— Published 20 October 2023

The PNF takes an interest in the opening ceremonies

We thought they were over, or at least on hold for a while, but the searches are continuing at the Paris 2024 OCOG. AFP reports, citing judicial sources close to the case, that the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) is investigating suspicions of fraud relating to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Searches were carried out on Wednesday 18 October by financial investigators from the Oclciff (Central Office for Combating Corruption and Financial and Tax Offences) at the headquarters of the OCOG in Saint-Denis, as well as at the events companies Double 2, Ubi Bene, Obo and Paname 24. No one was taken into custody. According to the judicial source quoted by AFP,these operations are part of a preliminary investigation led by the PNF into charges of illegal taking of interest, favouritism and concealment concerning several contracts linked to the 2024 Olympics, opened after the searches on 20 June 2023“. This time, the suspicions relate to the contracts awarded by the OCOG for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, on the Seine, and then the Paralympic Games, on the Place de la Concorde. They concern Double 2, Ubi Bene and Obo, partners in the Paname 24 consortium for the production of the Games ceremonies. Several other contracts are also believed to be targeted by this investigation, including those relating to the Olympic Torch Relay. “Paris 2024 confirms that the PNF came to its headquarters on Wednesday 18 October and obtained all the information it requested, commented the OCOG. Paris 2024 is cooperating fully with the investigation as it has always done.”