— Published 9 June 2023

The players won’t leave empty-handed

A fine gesture from FIFA. The body chaired by Gianni Infantino has announced that the 736 players taking part in the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand (July 20 to August 20) will each receive at least $30,000. This unprecedented guarantee is the result of a huge increase in the tournament’s overall prize money, set at $152 million, three times more than for the 2019 edition in France. For the first time, part of this envelope will be used to pay the players, without letting the national federations of the qualified teams use the money paid by FIFA as they see fit. For teams eliminated in the group phase, each player will receive $30,000. The amount rises to 60,000 for the eighth-finalists, 90,000 for the quarter-finalists, 165,000 for the losers of the third-place play-off, 180,000 for the third-finalists, 195,000 for the finalists, and 270,000 for the world champions. Reaction from FIFPro, the professional players’ union: “They have listened to the voice of female players, and we have taken a step towards greater gender equality at the highest level of our sport.”