— Published 20 April 2021

The pandemic is gaining ground

The figures are not very reassuring. The Modern Pentathlon International Union (UIPM) announces that it has carried out around 400 anti-COVID-19 tests during the recent World Cup stopover, disputed last week in Sofia, Romania. Nine of them tested positive. The nine people who tested positive – seven athletes and two coaches from seven different countries – were immediately quarantined at the competition hotel and will remain so for a period of 10 days, according to Bulgarian law. In addition, thirty-two contact cases were identified, each of them having been, like the nine people tested positive, deemed ineligible to participate or continue to participate in the competition. In itself, nothing very spectacular. But the UIPM had carried out 600 checks earlier in the season, still in Sofia, but for an earlier stage of the World Cup. They had detected only two positive cases. Finally, only one case had been found in Budapest, Hungary, for another stop on the modern pentathlon world circuit. Conclusion: the pandemic is gaining ground, less than 100 days before the Tokyo Games (D-94 this Tuesday, April 20th).