— Published 12 April 2023

The Olympic law very close to the finish line

It’s done. Or almost. The National Assembly adopted in last reading, Tuesday, April 11, the Olympic bill for the Paris 2024 Games. The text was ratified by an overwhelming majority (244 votes against 57), the deputies of the right and the far right taking the camp of yes. The Ecologists and the Insoumis voted against, the Socialist and Communist groups abstained. The new version of the Olympic law had already been largely adopted on first reading in the National Assembly and the Senate, and then validated in the joint commission. There is now only one step left to take: a final vote by the Senate. It is scheduled for this Wednesday, April 12 and looks like a formality. But one obstacle still stands in the way of the bill: the announcement by left-wing deputies of their intention to appeal to the Constitutional Council. According to them, the text goes far beyond the framework of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, especially in its security aspect. They contest especially the use of the algorithmic video surveillance, supposed to allow to analyze images taken by cameras and drones to detect suspicious behaviors or events. Opponents of the project are concerned about the vagueness that still surrounds the list of behaviors to be monitored. Above all, they highlight the fact that the period of experimentation has been further extended. It was set in the joint committee to March 31, 2025, three months later than in the version adopted by the National Assembly.