— Published 22 July 2021

The offbeat news of the day (2): Fernando Aguerre’s lost waves


Fernando Aguerre, the president of the International Surfing Federation (ISA), known in the sports movement for his bow ties and floral shirts, spent most of the day on Thursday, July 22nd, on Tsurigasaki beach to watch the surfers train with his feet in the sand. The Argentine leader, the main architect of the entry of surfing in the Olympic program as an additional sport, made this strange comment: “I have spent about 12,000 hours of my life to make this project a reality. Knowing that a surfer surfs an average of seven waves per hour, that’s a total of 84,000 waves that I didn’t surf to get our sport into the Olympics.” Surfing is also on the program for the Paris 2024 Games, again as an additional sport.