— Published 16 February 2022

The numbers don’t go up anymore

With four days to go until the Beijing 2022 Games, the health crisis has stopped being a topic of conversation in the Olympic bubble. And for good reason, since the number of cases reported daily remains as low as ever, if not insignificant. The organisers unveiled the daily pandemic bulletin at a press conference on Wednesday 16 February. For the previous day, 69,786 tests were carried out among accredited persons, with only one positive case confirmed. At Beijing airport, where only 31 people have arrived from abroad for the Games in the last 24 hours, another positive case has been recorded. In total, since 23 January 2022, organisers have conducted more than 1.5 million tests for COVID-19 within the bubble (1,523,725), with 171 positive cases. At Beijing airport, for the same period, 13,578 tests were carried out, with 264 positive cases.